So how do you…

I know. I know. It is difficult to picture me being in love, all googly eyed, fawning and drooling just at the mere mention of her name.

But it does happen. It is happening today and well, it has happened.

Picture this. A fresh faced, 16 or 17 year old kid, fresh from giving heart and soul to the Lord God hoping and praying to meet a girl that is as good a Christian as he is…

Careful what you pray for. You just might get it.

And got it I did.

Oh she was perfect. Pretty. Not afraid to jump into a slime pit for a swim. That type of thing.

She was the first girl I held hands with. Whom I kissed. That scared me a bit when she removed her pants and said: “Now you’re gonna get it!”

All the above did not happen on one day, just FYI!

She was The One! The girl I was to marry, settle somewhere nice, have 3 kids with…

We were on a pleasure cruise. Just too bad the ship was called the Titanic. Oh, we’ve broken up before, got together again almost ad nauseum.

Then we hit the Oyceberg. And I knew soon enough I was going to be popsicle Jack floating to the bottom of the ocean whilst she goes on to the Horseriding,having seven children and being interviewed by Bill Paxton at age 86.



And that is my story. On how I got my ass dumped by the person I though to be the love of my life.

And how I, a grown man of 22 at the time, ended up crying like a sad little boy on my parents front lawn.

She was getting married. To a guy that was not me. To a guy we spent hours ridiculing on trips to and from work.

Karma is a bitch I suppose. This guy ended up on those same trips to and from work.

And the worst of it all? (At that Time)

They were planning the wedding with me sitting in the backseat of the car. Listening to every little detail.

I looked at the walkman I bought along to drown out their blissfull stabbing of my soul and heart. The batteries had gone flat. Still, the chord from the headphones… I wondered. Would my suicide in the back of their car sent a clear message I kind of did not want to hear their sweet plans going forward?

(To be continued…)



  1. carolredelinghuys@Losbek · Desember 30, 2014

    Well written, who’s the guy on the photo?

  2. rondomtaliedraai · Desember 30, 2014

    *drukkie* ons het maar almal ons oomblikke Selfs ek het al getjank oor ‘n man

  3. perdebytjie · Desember 31, 2014

    Die liefde of ‘n gebrek daaraan,maak soms vrek seer!

  4. pienkpantoffels · Januarie 6, 2015

    Ai … die liefde, ‘n wondersoete ding wat altyd terugkom om jou in die gat te hap. Ek het lekker gelees! Jy moet jou walkman meer inruil vir ‘n mp3 player … hulle is sagter op batterye.

  5. Gobetween · Januarie 9, 2015

    Yip, I also fell in love once and I could not stop crying, I was a fool, he felt nothing for me.

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