Do Nice Guys Finish Last? Guest post by Author L E May.

Great news boys and girls! I have the pleasure, nay the honor of hosting Author L E May on my blog today. No. Really. She is an author. From Britain. Got a paperback released and all. You can find it here:

She even has an author photo and all:


Her book, Inspired by Night is quite the cool read to be honest.  So here we go. (And please, for the benefit of our guest, if any comments are made, please do so in English? Let’s show her that Afrikaners are not the evil bastards the world makes us out to be?) ((Says I, posting on a Journal of Evil))

Take it away, Ms May!

Think about it, throughout high school the popular kids are all pretty and handsome but nine times out of ten those kids are assholes!

The nerds and the kids that are middle of the road just get through school as best they can trying to avoid being teased by the popular kids.
The average guy falls in love with the cheerleader and while she thinks he’s sweet and wishes her douchebag boyfriend was more like him, realistically she wouldn’t be seen dead with a guy who wasn’t the most popular kid in the school.
We’ve all watched Glee, right? Feel good shows about the losers all coming together to be brilliant. But even the average kids are attractive and the popular kids are still pretty mean even when they join the gang. Because let’s be honest, which popular kid doesn’t want to stand in a stage and sing in front of the whole school and accept all that applause?
I’m not saying all handsome men are evil, that would be crazy, besides which, attractiveness is entirely subjective.
When I was a kid I always preferred the bad guys. Even before puberty and I developed an attraction to stupid boys, I always rooted for the bad guys.
See, on television and in movies the attractive guy is never the baddie. He’s the handsome hero. But I don’t like handsome guys because in real life – certainly as a teenager at school – the handsome guys were mean and arrogant and, actually, pretty boring.
So I always wanted the bad guy to win. It’s a strange logic, I know, but there it is.
How many episodes of He-Man did I watch just hoping that one time Skeletor might win? I was so disappointed. Why didn’t Wile E Coyote ever catch the Roadrunner? It just seemed so unfair that the bad guy didn’t win at least once.
There’s something really dull about the good looking guy always coming out on top. But it’s also a bit unrealistic because in real life the good guys aren’t always that successful. They’re often taken advantage of and overlooked by people. The handsome guys may well be successful, but that doesn’t always mean they’re good.
Of course in fiction you can do whatever you want, so the hero in my novel Inspired by Night is both handsome and very nice. He may actually be pretty dull to most people but he’s the most interesting guy Olivia Jones has ever met.
But then there’s also a sort of bad guy who leads her astray. I suspect he’s probably very handsome indeed, the bastard!
Inspired by night is set in the world of video games and computer programming. There’s online sex and real sex and lots of romance mixed in with some comedy and plenty of nerdy references.
I won’t tell you whether the bad guy wins or not but either way you can be sure the girl will come out on top!


  1. Net Ek · Oktober 1, 2014

    I have a thing for nice guys, but I am glad to hear that the girl comes out on top!


    • Skeletor · Oktober 1, 2014

      Oh Stop trying to chat me up on my own blog! Damnit! It will never work! 😛

    • lemayfiction · Oktober 13, 2014

      I like nice guys too. But generally not those considered handsome. They float around in a bubble, flashing their perfectly straight teeth and laughing at all the girls swooning over them.
      I like a nice guy with lots to say about lots of interesting things. Beauty comes from within in my opinion.

  2. rondomtaliedraai · Oktober 2, 2014

    Dit lees lekker

    • Skeletor · Oktober 2, 2014

      Sorry, wat lees lekker? Ek weet, clueless man al weer…

      • rondomtaliedraai · Oktober 2, 2014

        hehehehehe…. ooooo ek is bly Thys het nie hier gelees nie want sulke opmerkings irriteer hom grensloos… Hy is juis weer vies vir my.

        Die skrywer se storie/gedagtes lees lekker…

  3. lemayfiction · Oktober 13, 2014

    Man, I hate the way wordpress makes you sign in after you click the submit button and then just deletes the comment you lovingly wrote.
    This isn’t the comment I wrote. It was a great, witty and interesting comment but in a nutshell I wrote:
    I like nice guys too.
    Beauty comes from within.

    • Net Ek · Oktober 13, 2014

      Oh most defintely!

      I am a firm believer that your heart makes you beautiful, and not the way you look. I am not interested in looks, but I am in love with good hearts! 😉

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